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      In view of the latest application of vacuum pump cooling
      [ Release Time:2017/6/21  Read:5970Times ]

      Because the vacuum pump is everywhere, therefore, and the traditional way of heat transfer (convection, conduction and radiation), vacuum cooling is rapid and uniform, clean, very suitable for cooling and pre cooked food such as fruit and vegetable cold. Vacuum pump with vacuum cooling of cooked food and fruits and vegetables for cooling or cooling, air bacteria will inevitably touch the food up, causing food "two pollution", especially at 60-30 DEG C, it is high bacteria breeding area, quickly through this temperature range, can be greatly reduced the amount of bacteria bacteria generation, easy to control, which is conducive to improve food safety, prolong the shelf life. This is of great significance to the implementation of the food safety law.

      To sum up, it can be seen that the food processing industry needs a kind of advanced cooling method and equipment.

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